EAST SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY LTD. With over 20 years experience in providing technology and services to apparel industry, we strongly believe that to provide high-tech automation equipment improving our customers' productivity and profitability, and a complete design development and production solutions is the next generation technology trends.

With today'sever increasing demand for low operating costs and shorter lead time, protecting the health of the personnel and environment, our technical team adopted new design concept and under tremen dous research and implementation efforts, we have specially designed a range of unique and innovative automation equipment to fill the gap in the world market. We have successfully launched our products to most of the well known Corporation in local and overseas market and lead the way to provide innovative solution and anticipate the needs of our customers in apparel industry.

In line with the businness development and expansion of our production capacity, we have built our factory in 2010 located in Dongguan, China and established a new company name as: 東莞市向東機械設備有限公司
     (East Systems Technology Ltd.)

Our company based in Hong Kong and branch office located in Dongguan, Shanghai,Wuhan, China. EAST SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY LTD. Dedicated in developing high quality automation equipment for the appare industry.All equipment is buit to enable our customers to automate and optimize product design, development,and manufacturing. Recently, we have succeeded in manufacturing our automation equipment with stable and powerful performance fully meets the world leader in high-performance and high security lever. We have patented our products and market cover the region in China to Southeast Asia, Canada as well as Europe.
Unit 2, 8/F, Block 4, Tai Ping Industrial Centre, No. 51A Ting Kok Road, Tai Po, N.T., Hong Kong.
E-Mail : info@eastsystems.hk
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